• stress management course image

    Stress Management Course

    More than 90% of Americans deal with stress ineffectively. Learn basic stress management principles, theories, and relaxation techniques by enrolling today in EXSC 410: Stress Management.

  • comms 411 media effects

    New Media Course

    Media messages are all around us, and no media message that we encounter is unbiased. Learn to think critically about the impact of media on our lives by taking COMMS 411: Media Effects. Enroll today!

  • night sky

    Astronomy Course

    Learn all about the universe by enrolling in Astronomy. The course takes a look at how space has been studied in the past and how it is studied now. You can find Astronomy listed in the course catalog as EARTH 051

  • Student Completes High School While Living in Japan

    Don't let unique circumstances get in the way of graduation. Complete all of high school online through one of our high school programs, or take the individual classes you need to finish. 

Teacher-led courses

Our Teacher-Led courses offer all the benefits of virtual learning provided by our online courses, in addition to direct instruction and one-on-one mentoring. We now have complete French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, and ASL Teacher-Led courses. 

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